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The market research industry has been criticised by clients and research users, whether current or lapsed, for producing no insights. We should answer our challengers with reflectiveness, not defensiveness.

In February 2021, ESOMAR, an authoritative market research industry association, issued a strongly-worded statement condemning Dominic Cummings, the former advisor to…

This Instagram comment says, “At that time, you would be considered a weirdo as long as you didn’t choose business as your university major.”

I have talked about my experience of close-mindedness from the “adults” in Hong Kong (here). I have also expressed my empathy with other Hong Kong youths…

Insecurity, naivety, arrogance, love of our comfort zones, lack of imaginations are all in display in this ordinary every day work scenario.

This is the extent mainland-China-based panel suppliers will go to to evade questions about the integrity of the data they help their clients collect.

In May 2021, I…

I was cleaning out my notes and found a stack of journal articles and textbook chapters from way back when I did my masters (criminology). One of the courses I did was juvenile delinquency where I learned about youth identity and culture, and their deviant and criminal behaviour. …

You are not all set when you receive your patent or when your mark appears on the register!

Credit: Dilbert

My article in May explains the value of working with lawyers to help brand owners protect their brands. It illustrates why trade mark registration is just the first step.

My initial thoughts…

Consumers are humans who live in a socioeconomic and geopolitical environment as much as they do in the market. All the “big issues” in the news will affect them too.

Consumers do not compartmentalise their world into buying world, social world, economic world, etc. Although some may claim to…

Metaverse could be the answer to speaking foreign languages like a native.

I have been learning German for over 2 years. My biggest hurdle is a lack of German-speaking environment where I can practise listening and speaking in real-life contexts. Last year, I came up with the idea of building…

The older generations in Hong Kong tend to have a pigeon-holed view of what success means and impose their narrow-mindedness on the others.

Dilbert Comic

I was browsing through Instagram and found this comment which I have translated below the screenshot.

Recently, various pictures of counterfeit Vita‘s products are being shared among netizens in Hong Kong such as this packaged lemon tea that looks just like the real one but with some tweaks here and there:

Counterfeit Vita’s packaged lemon tea

This reminds me of the Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) incidents (yup plural) a few years…

Researchers need to study the total environment of target audiences.

Image Source: Association for Financial Professionals’ website

I am grateful to my client who has inspired me to think more broadly about what “consumer insights” mean.

In 2020, a client asked me to help them understand Chinese mindsets — specifically, consumers’ in the (mainland) China market. They were puzzled by why Chinese consumers were so easily offended

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