My Camp Jack Mentorship experience

Client’s Brief

The (pseudo-)client, Motorised Bike Co., want to get more customers through Facebook and Instagram. They have been pitched marketing ideas left and right, but are tired of the same, clichéd approach. All the ads in their industry look pretty much the same on Facebook today. They want your help.

First Iteration


  1. I was too bogged down in having to “do creatives” and have forgotten about building the story before introducing my creative ideas. I should have included data and insights as support. Nervousness has caused me to miss out something that I have been the person in charge of at work!
  2. “Wow” as a Big Idea is superficial and not specific in its meaning. It needs to be ownable to the client’s brand.

Second Iteration

After my mentorship session with NF, I no longer liked my “Magnet for Wows” idea 😆!

1. Add data

I distilled the research findings from academic research in marketing and commercial research on social media into this additional issue faced by Motorised Bike.

Screenshot of a new slide added to “But we have an issue” section

2. Add in the missing link

I decided to keep the insights: Bikers want attention.

3. Reframe the benefits of Facebook

How might we use Facebook to not just satisfy bikers’ wants of attention, but also elevate them to the next level?


I intend to further iterate this so please come back again to check out.





Hong Konger. World Explorer. Fun Lover.

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Frau IC

Frau IC

Hong Konger. World Explorer. Fun Lover.